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Here are some questions to consider about your agent/agency....

1.  What is your relationship with your current insurance agent?

    A: Well, we talk at about 4 times a year.         
    B: Acquainted, we speak 2 times a year.                        
    C: Some, we speak once a year or only when I call.                  
    D: None, We spoke when I signed up or I bought online I have no agent.                   

2.  How often do you review your current insurance coverage?          

    A: 4 times a year                                                                
    B: 2 times a year                                                                       
    C: 1 time a year                                                                  
    D: Never I just pay my renewal as they come in

3.  How many insurance agents do you have?                                

    A: 1 my agent covers it all                                                     
    B: 4 I have a home, car, motorcycle and business                          
    C: 3 for my car, motorcycle and business
    D: 2 for my car and business                                               

4.  What are your expectations of your insurance agent?                            

    A: Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Responsive, Honest, & Focused. 
    B: Knowledgeable and Trustworthy.                                                 
    C: Honest                                                                                       
    D: None of the above I just need insurance.

Well it would seem to us at the very least you would want an “A” agent, we want to be you’re “A” agent so please complete the “Contact us” form or any of the online Quote Request Forms and lets get started.

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